10 March 2021

Why do you need an IoT SIM from Voio?

Why do you need an IoT SIM from Voio?

If you want to scale, benefit from a single supplier and deliver a seamless service to multiple locations, Voio might be the partner you need.

Is the local MNO the right choice as an IoT SIM supplier? Sometimes

Most MNOs now offer some form of IoT SIM solutions, so with a growing number of choices, why do you need help from an independent provider like Voio? There are many reasons, so in this article, we’ll show you how we might be able to help and why you should consider Voio as a supplier of IoT SIMs.

First, let’s think about you. If you are large business, buying IoT SIMs at scale, then you may well be able to do so from a local MNO. If you only want to deploy them in  a limited number of locations in a single country, then you may be able to negotiate terms and purchase them from your local MNOs.

However, if you only need a small number and can’t commit to a yearly volume, they may be less inclined to listen. The fact is that many MNOs don’t want to deal with small quantities of IoT SIMs, so may not have mechanisms in place to permit the purchase of 9, 12, 15 and so on.

Your aggregate purchases may soon mount up, but if you’re starting from a small base or making infrequent purchases, you may not get the attention you need. You will from Voio – but, if you can get a better price from a different MNO partner, then you should capitalise on it.

Multiple locations can require different connectivity partners

Now, if you plan to deploy devices in multiple locations in the same country, you may find that a single MNO doesn’t provide the connectivity you need. It may be fine in one place, but in another, a different MNO has better coverage. Does this mean you should negotiate with two or more partners? Well, this might be problematic.

The alternative is to use a supplier like Voio. We have partnerships with most MNOs in most countries, so our IoT SIMs can connect to whichever network that available in each location – and keep you connected, as you can also change to different networks, should one perform better than another (connectivity can change with a range of factors, so what’s good one day may not be good the next).

And, in some locations that are close to international borders, the signal over the border could be better than that in your own country. Strange but true. So, in this case, your local SIM could roam onto the network of another operator from the neighbouring country. In this case, you might be faced with unexpected roaming charges. Not everywhere, certainly, but it can be a risk where there are not international agreements to limit roaming charges in place.

Taking your solution to multiple countries could make life complicated. Not with Voio

What if you want to deploy in multiple countries? Yes, you could negotiate with different partners in each country to find the best deal. But, this can rapidly become a problem. First, you might not get their attention. Second, you might not get the best coverage (back to the issue of different networks offering different levels of connectivity). Third, the problem mounts up. If you want to connect in, say, three countries, with three or four MNOs in most countries, that could be nine or 12 operators to choose from.

Now you have a purchasing problem, with the need to negotiate different agreements, different pricing and to manage multiple supply chains. If you’re just starting your IoT journey, or are dealing in modest numbers of IoT SIMs (fewer than 500 in total, for example), this may have a significant impact on your business in terms of new costs, creating inefficiencies and reducing your ability to focus on your core activities.

Suddenly, you need a whole team to manage MNO partnerships and arrange your IoT SIM supply. Since this is just a part of your overall solutions – a crucial part, for sure, but just a cog in your overall proposition – that can end up becoming a disproportionate cost to your business.

A single partner for your IoT SIMs, ready to help you grow

Voio, on the other hand, is a single partner that will listen to you, sort out the connectivity you need in different locations and countries and give you a single source, wherever you take your solutions. Put simply, we remove the pain from growing your business, because we offer a simple model that gives you a solution for all your IoT SIM requirements – which consolidates your supply chains, eases your logistical challenges and enables you to focus on delivering your real value.

So, we might not always be the cheapest for certain use cases, but if you are an ambitious solution provider, with your eyes on more than one location, more than one country, and real international growth, we can help you. And, we’ll listen, right from the start.