Simple connectivity for IoT

Always on the best available network

We’re a global provider of IoT connectivity that helps you innovate, get to market and connect. Everywhere.

Always on the best available network

IoT network connectivity

Your IoT partner.
From startup to scaleup

900 networks, covered.

We offer access to more than 900 networks through our IoT SIM and eSIM solutions. So, you benefit from the widest coverage, with full control of your device fleet.

We take care of IoT connectivity, you take care of business

As an agile provider, we listen. Use our out-of-the-box solutions to get your apps and devices connected – and use our network reach to support your rollout.

We provide Tier1 IoT connectivity, with lots of options, so you can be sure of coverage. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Design Build your business plan backed with our connectivity, without limit. Develop Get started with your innovative ideas, connected to our network. Connect See how you can scale, as you roll out more devices in the field. Launch Ship your devices where your customers are and ensure turnkey connectivity. Test Test your ideas, run pilots and PoCs to evaluate performance.

Got an interesting green or renewables project?

We’d love to discuss it with you.

Share your ideas, no matter how small. We want to get you off the ground.

Iot sims for green and sustainable projects

Supporting green innovators and sustainable projects

Kick-start your projects and plan for success

We offer the most rapid path to IoT connectivity, so your ideas can get to market and flourish. We’ll listen to you and help you solve IoT connectivity challenges, allowing you to focus on your business.

For next gen IoT developers

Do you have a bright idea for a new service and need connectivity? We can get you connected.

In sustainable projects

We target sustainable applications that help protect the environment and meet Agenda 2030 goals.

One partner, global cover

We partner with leading mobile network operators to deliver truly global reach, so you don’t have to.

Get up and running fast

Out-of-the-box connectivity, globally. Ship, activate and connect, with full control and clear reporting. 

Iot sims for optimised performance

Make sure that you’re always on the best available network

Automatic or controlled network selection for optimum performance

Our IoT SIMs can seamlessly switch between different networks, ensuring consistent, optimised performance, or you can choose your preferred network in each country.
Single agreement

With voio, you get a single agreement, for your entire IoT device fleet.

Multiple networks

Connectivity to hundreds of networks, so you have options and complete control. 

Auto select the best

Our IoT SIMs easily switch networks, coverage and performance to suit your needs.

One bill, one partner

We give you one bill for all your devices, helping drive efficiency in your business.

Your tracked device One SIM Multiple Networks in country 2G 3G 4G 2G 3G 2G 3G 4G 2G One Partner voio

Iot connectivity for sustainability

Talk to us today. We’re waiting to hear about your big idea

Work with a company that shares your passion

We’re passionate about innovation and sustainability, so we really do care about your ideas. If we can help you, we will – and we won’t ignore you. If you need connectivity, we’ll do our best to support your plans.

Agri-tech and smart farming

Interested in remote crop monitoring, livestock tracking, or pest management? Our solutions drive efficiency in agriculture, with IoT connectivity bringing new insights and control to boost production.

Green energy and renewables

From wind to solar, we provide connectivity for remote monitoring and control of new sources of energy production. You want to cut carbon emissions – we want to help you connect.

Environmental sensor and monitoring

Track changing weather, collect data from the field and aggregate information to answer important questions. Our solutions allow you to get you connected quickly and cheaply, so you can drive change.

Healthcare and development

If you have a cool application to enhance healthcare delivery and to deliver new services, we want to hear from you. We have the network connections you need to run your remote operations.

Voio - the iot network

What is voio? An upstart IoT connectivity company trying to make a difference

Like you, we’re new – but we want to make a difference

Yes, we’re new, but our partners aren’t. We work with leading network operators, so you don’t have to worry about IoT device connectivity. Our goal is to listen and learn, so we can help you succeed.

We are agile

Our team knows what it’s like when large operators ignore you. We offer a different approach.

With voio, you matter

Your success is our success – so, we’ll do our best to help out and deliver what you need.

Built for Tier 1 performance

Sure, we’re small, but our partners aren’t. We have agreements with the world’s largest operators.

Reliable, scalable, ethical

Our network is built to service the most demanding applications and offers outstanding reliability and scale.